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Shaving Soaps/Creams -  3 variants

Shaving Soaps/Creams - 3 variants

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All of our shaving creams were formulated to provide a clean and smooth shave. They're packed with skin-loving ingredients such as; hemp oil, shea butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil and many more. In addition, we use essential oils to promote healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore reducing the chance of racer bumps.
Choose from 3 shaving creams all with unique essential oil blends; promising to deliver smooth skin shave after, shave, and that goes for men and women alike!
Variants - All formulated with the same base of organic oils 
  • Classy Gentleman: scented with a blend of litsea + cinnamon essential oil and a little bit of pheromones fragrance.
  • Sin Tiempo: made with local burgundy wine and a blend of eucalyptus + cedarwood + basil essential oils. 
  • Coco X Ti [BLACK]: made with organic coconut milk, coconut water, and activated charcoal; scented with litsea essential oil + coconut and pheromones fragrance blend.
*Weight of the product - 8 ounces *Shelf Life - 12 to 14 months *With regular use (2 - 4 times a week) this shaving cream can last you 2 to 3 months or even longer! *Tip - For thick creamy lather without using more product than needed, use a shaving brush.
    This item comes in a mason jar unless otherwise requested.