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GG's Harmony Fresh Fruit Smoothie Soap

GG's Harmony Fresh Fruit Smoothie Soap

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No doubt that on a hot sunny day, there's nothing better than a fresh fruit smoothie and a cold shower; am I right? Well, why not combine these two and indulge in a bubbly and refreshing shower with a bar of GG's Harmony. Hands down our best fresh fruit puree combo; mango, pineapple, apricot, strawberry, and to tie it all together; some organic orange essential oil. Like all other soaps in this collection, these bars were made with a base of organic oils and unrefined shea butter, but we also added a pinch of apricot kernel oil; which helps enhance its creamy lathering.

I almost forgot! for your convenience and advantage I made two versions of this soap using the same amazing ingredients, but with two different techniques to saponified soap. 

  • Circular bar - hot process technique

  • Rectangular bar - cold process technique

All bars have the same average weight after curing period.

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