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Our Soap was made to welcome the fall season. Our favorite season if we may add. When we think of Fall in the Rockies we think of AMAZING sunsets, spicy dirty chai tea, and crisp air. We tried to combine all these into a skin-loving soap bar so of course, we had to tweak our base recipe to add avocado as the star of this formula because during the fall season we all need that extra shot of moisturizing properties. 
Additives - 
  • Goats milk
  • Gold mica

Scent - 

  • A blend of Anise EO, Cinnamon EO, Chesnuts & Brown Sugar FO

This soap can also be purchased by the pound. 1lb soap loaf yields approximately 6 bars, that's about 4-6 months of supply for a single person. Please allow 4-6weeks for the curing process and then 7-10 business days for shipment and delivery.

*EO = Essential Oil // FO = Fragrance Oil // TAT may vary