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Bath Salts/Soaks

Bath Salts/Soaks

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Embrace your inner queen with our bath salts and soaks. And don't get me wrong, these are not gender-specific. To the gentleman who's reading, you know you have an inner queen begging to be set free. These bath salts and soaks are meant to detoxify and nourish your skin simultaneously, leaving you energized and with glowing silky smooth skin worthy of a queen.
Variants - 
  • Pink Himalayan Salt + Honey + Yogurt + Rosemary Petals
  • Activated Charcoal + Pink Himalayan Salt + Honey + Mint 
  • Oats + Honey + Yogurt + Goats Milk + Jasmine Petals 
  • Sea Clay + Epson Salt + Pink Himalayan Salt + Camphor Infusion 

Do you have a unique blend in mind? DM us on Instagram [link shortcut at the top of this page] tell us all about it, and if we have the ingrediets in our pantry, we can customize a bath salt/soak for you. 

*Glass jar included in purchase