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Alba - Coconut + Papaya Soap

Alba - Coconut + Papaya Soap

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Made with a base of papaya puree + organic oils + shea butter, to please all of our vegan friends; but if you thought that was all, wait till you read the list of additives and essential oils! 

Additives - 

  • coconut milk
  • ginger infusion
  • acai chia seeds

Essential Oils - 

  • litsea cubeba 
  • red ginger
This soap is not in stock at the moment for individual bars. However, you can order it by the pound. A 1lb soap loaf yields approximately 6 bars, that's about 4-6 months of supply for a single person. Please allow 4-6weeks for the curing process and then 7-10 business days for shipment and delivery.