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Collection: Dry Skin

Dry skin can exhibit slight scaliness, flakes, tightness, and redness. Dryness can result when the skin is lacking fluid (dehydration) or oils (moisture). You need a balance of both fluids and oils to have properly hydrated skin. There are many factors that can contribute to dry skin; from constant exposure to low humidity, airconditioning and heating in office buildings and homes, to chemicals in skincare products. Given that we are all exposed to some of these drying agents, there are some steps everyone can take to protect the skin from these agents; such as washing your face with lukewarm water (as opposed to hot), eating foods with omega-3 fatty acids, and limiting dehydrating foods (like caffeine and alcohol)

In this collection
you'll find soaps that were formulated to provide balance to your skin, using ingredients that will neither impart nor rob your skin of fluids and oils.


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